Dear you, the brokenhearted girl #5

Dear you,

the brokenhearted girl

No one is prepared to be brokenhearted

No one is immune to the ache

that caused by unrequited love

or unspoken goodbye

There will be no right time to say good bye

There's no such thing like perfect timing to let go

Cause feeling is something that we cannot measure

and sometimes, hard to control

They said the saddest thing is to stay in the pain

"Let it go,"

they were saying it on repeat,

like it's our choice,

like we want to be broken

Don't they know, that we want nothing but to be happy?

How we are longing for a happily ever-after ending,

to believe that true love does exist, 

and there's a right person waiting for us



there are countless of things which out of our control

and sadly one of them is our feeling toward things that happened in our life

It hurts when it hurts

Cry, even when you think that it can change nothing

Take a deep breath, especially when you feel the weight in your chest

Listen, to your heart, closely

Sometimes you already knew the answer of all the questions in your head

and all the doubt in your heart

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