Dear you, the brokenhearted girl #4


Dear you,

the brokenhearted girl

I believe that deep down in your heart,

you already knew that you are lover, not a fighter

However, it is not work that way

Cause when it comes to love,

you need to fight for it

Being a lover might sounds easy to do,

but to love someone also means you are willing to fight

And there is no point on doing the battle alone

You need someone that ready to do the battle with you

Don't settle for less,

you deserve the best in life

I know that it's not easy to give up

when you are more than willing to give your all

Just remember that you deserve someone who match your energy

You deserve to be loved in a way you want to be

and you totally deserve to be someone priority

not just someone backup plan, or second choice

Cheer up, brave girl

You will and you have to rise again from this

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