Happy NamJoon Day 2021

It's Namjoon day! Yeay!

This post has been in my draft for more than 1 year, lol. I have prepared it for 2020 but somehow I forgot to make the full post and the moment has passed. So yeah, here we are!

Actually, I have mentioned about this draft on my post for Hobi's Birthday here: Happy 27th Hobi Day!

And yes, Namjoon is my ultimate bias because he is the reason I started to know about BTS, or 방탄 소년단 backthen. I watched RM or Rap Monster backthen, lol, on some TV show, and he could solve some tricky question nicely. It also mentioned there that he was one of the top student in Korea, alongside with the fact that he also a leader in boyband.

Honestly, I wasn't into K-Pop during that time eventhough most of my friends are big fan of K-pop, such as Super Junior, SNSD, EXO, GFriend, etc. Not saying that I wasn't  a fangirl, cause I have been fangirl since very young. My first idol crush would be either The Moffatts or Hanson.

But wait, to think again, I also love Jimmy Lin! LOL! I was in kindergarten, perhaps? But my sister have some playing card with Jimmy Lin pics, he super cute, hahaha! OMG, I literally just remembered it as I wrote this post.

As a kid, I have several celebrity crush. But doing fangirl stuff, maybe started with Westlife. Still super young, but I love Westlife, all their song and my bias was Nicky. Then NSync, I love Lance. I kinda wonder why I don't really have crush for the leader in group. Always the baby one, lol!

RM is the first leader in group that I love. So, it might say something. That I don't really like leader? HAHA.

RM is the exception and I just love him. His voice is my favorite, as well as Jin's. Not saying that the other boys don't have great voice, but I just love both of their voice. And also, he's great with lyrics, he often make some wordplay that interesting and unique. He also good leader and well-behaved.

He's not the most handsome, but he's charming. To hear his speech and or singing is just wow.

I wish that he could live well and will lead BTS for many many years.

I'm not that good with word, already rusty, but BTS, especially Namjoon, inspired me to do better day by day. I have problem with consistency and I'm working on that.

Namjoon-ah, thanks for being born and being you. Thanks for all the inspiration and hopefully next year I could write better post, in English, or even better, in Korean, lol.

Cheers, zisseL

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