Happy 27th Hobi Day!

Happy Hobi Day!

First thing first. Thank you, Hobi, for doing countdown of your birthday with ARMY. I honestly just knew this tradition this year and I somehow happy to be part of it.

My fellow ARMY friend said that the tradition has started since some years ago, but it's the first time you announce you're going live before it started.

That kinda explained why the live kinda messed up in the beginning. ARMY crashed Vlive, made you go to Youtube, just to make ARMY crash it again, so back to Vlive it is.

I sincerely feel bad for you cause it must have been uncomfortable, confusing, and annoying. But you still doing it for us, and I truly appreciate it.

This is the reason why I wrote a letter for you, an appreciation post for someone that made love BTS deeper.

I always said that Namjoon is my first love, the reason why I love BTS. And honestly, as I recall it, you are the reason that I keep on loving BTS.

I love to see how enthusiastic you are, your energy when doing anything, and how you're like totally different person when it comes to dance and rap. I just love it!

It's kinda funny cause I said that my bias is NamJin (namjoon and seokjin) and I somehow OT7 cause I love you all almost equally, but you will always have a special place in my heart.

I have draft on my blog to post regarding Namjoon birthday, which I prepared a day after his birthday. And I not post it up until now, lol, sorry Namjoon!

And yet, for your birthday, I made this post. Yeay, I did it!

Thank you for being you, JHope! People said that V and JK have the duality, being cute and being badass in a glance. Yet I personally think that the duality that you have, being our sunshine and still could strike us with your dance, is the best duality.

During your live, you mentioned that you're so happy that many International ARMY is trying to learn Korean and yes we are! I'm learning with Bangtan Academy in Discord and I cannot stress enough how much I love it. To learn new language, to try understand BTS' song better, to understand what you guys were saying without waiting for subtitle, lol.

I appreciate you guys trying to speak English, and I am happy to learn something new to you guys as well. 

My dream is to watch you guys in live performance, cause I can understand how frustating it must be to you all, for how we cannot meet each other due to this pandemic.

I hope this pandemic will be over soon, ARMY miss you guys and I believe so did you guys.  And hopefully, I can attend your concert and see you on stage.

Please always be well and thank youuu again for being our sunshine, Hobi!

Happy birthday, our sunshine, our hope, our Hobi. 보라해<3

Love, zisseL


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