Is It Worth the Pain?

In life, there are things that we cannot change, such as race and blood type. Because, well, we have no privilege to choose what we want to be before we were born. That is why many people (including me) that interested in a simulation game, or to read book, watch movie. Because we as human being, want something more. Want something that we cannot have. Or not yet have.

While I totally supporting the act of gratitude, I totally understand the feeling to be better, to have more, and to dream bigger.

It's ironic when a gratitude be mistaken as silence or staying in what-so-called comfort zone.

We can be gratitude but still aim for more. Gratitude doesn't mean to settle for less, but to be thankful for anything that we have. It's not a crime if you want more, if you want to do things that makes you happy.

However, is it worth the pain?

I believe it's important to keep asking ourselves that kind of question. Not for every seconds, but from time to time.

Whether you want to do things that make you happy or when you not sure if it is something that you want, ask yourself, "Is it worth the pain?"

Life is full of choices and important decision. Before you jump into something, take a step back. Consider all the factor included.

Your job is boring, the pay check is low, but you can have extra hours to spare with your close one and it's not far from your home. Is it worth the pain? If yes, you can stay. If not, then walk away.

Still, keep in mind that do not make any decision when you are happy and angry. Always calm yourself, and then asking yourself the good and the bad.

There's no such thing as perfect life, perfect job, or perfect family. Each of it has it own struggle.

And again, is it worth the pain?

If you have to cry to sleep waiting your lover to call you back, is it worth the pain? 
If your boss not appreciate what you do, is it worth the pain?
If your friend keep downgrading you, is it worth the pain?

Nobody is perfect. Everyone deserve a chance, or even a second chance. If they were worth all the pain, then go for it.

Anyone can say anything they want. So, if their perfect life is not what a happy life for you, don't go their way. But ask yourself again, "Is it worth the pain?"

If you spent all your money know to have a happy life, and then you have no emergency fund, is it worth the pain?
If you leave the country cause you want stability and leave your family and love ones, is it worth the pain?
If you stay at a job that you hate to pay bills and got depressed, is it worth the pain?

Stand up for yourself. Choose happiness.

Love, Zis

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