ARMY Writer Club Challenge #1: Write 864 words in 36 minutes

Few days ago, or maybe already over a week, Ra suggested me to try ARMY Writer Club. Well, actually she just shared the info and I'm interested to join the club.

For some reason, of course. The main reason is because I love to write. And the other reason is because BTS somehow helps to motivate me on writing.

I keep slacking off, procrastinating, saying that I have the thing that called writer blocks, when I just being lazy. But when it come to BTS, I somehow got enthusiastic and I guess joining ARMY writer club would be a good choice.

Having people that got same interest with you is interesting, don't you agree? Hehe

The small problem is the group active on Discord and Twitter, which I barely use nowadays. Well, I used Twitter back then, but I rarely use it nowadays. As for Discord, I use it for few times and honestly not yet get on the grip about how to use it.

Well, life is always about learning something new, so I'll try my best to learn familiarizing my self with Discord.

On the other note, I also currently thinking hard whether I should improve my Dutch as I already have a good start on Duolingo. Or should I learn Korean? Cause it's hard!!!

I don't like to learn new alphabet, it's very time consuming and yes, I'm too lazy hehe.

However, considering the fact that I'm actively listening to BTS' song, perhaps the better choice is to improve my Korean, right?

The goal is quite simple. First, to be able to sing their song with good pronouncation. And then, the next goal is to be able to listen to their interview or vlog in Korean with no subtitles. 

Yeah, I know, it's quite ambitious, but that's the goal. It supposed to be achieveable if I put my mind on it. Well, baby steps. Let's try to sing their songs with good pronouncation first, ok? XD

Anyway, I'm writing this as a challenge that generated by the writer bot on the Discord group. The challenge, as you can read on the title, is to write 864 words in 36 minutes.

At first I thought it won't be that hard, but now here I am, still at around 300 words and already not sure what to say, hehe

This challenge reminds me of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month challenge that usually happen on November. Few years back then, I took the initiate to become co-coordinator for Indonesian region, Jakarta to be precise.

I want to expand my network, challenge my self, and also, get some experience. Honestly, I gain nothing, lol. The group kinda settled already and I somehow was a newbie and not really a bright student or so. The members are nice, as well as the coordinator that I worked with.

If there's anything that I learned from that, perhaps to know my capability. It's okay to challenge yourself, to push yourself, but if you have no experience and skills, don't be ashamed to admit that you still need to learn.

By the time being, I learnt that most of time, I failed on doing something cause I was too stubborn and a control-freak somehow, haha. I'm quite ambitious but easily given up at the same time. I want things to work the way I want it to be and easily got pissed if it not went well to my will.

Not a good side, indeed. I'm still working on that. And I really trying hard to be better, day by day.

Doing this challenge also my attempt to be better. I keep telling my self that I wanna be better, but my level of self-sabotage sometimes are too damn high that it became really concerning.

To summarize, I want to keep on writing and share things especially related to BTS. Some people said that I'm too old to do some fangirling, but well, I just want to keep my self happy.

There is no age limit on doing what makes you happy.

People can find their happiness, find their purpose of life by age of 50 or 60. I'm not saying that my purpose of life is to fangirling until the end of time. But it makes me hapy. It helps me to br productive.

I hang on for too much time, holding on things that I believed could, would, and should make me look better. Trying to be a person that the world can accept. You know, trying to be the girl that lovable by everyone.

Of course it didn't work well. I have flaws, anxiety, and history that not really bring joy or pride. But it makes me who I am now. And while I cherish all the things happening in my life, I want to keep myself being happy.

BTS inspired me to do so. That I have to dream big, and work hard on it. That sky is the limit. That you need to find people that willing to help you pursue your dream. To cherish the one that supports you. To love yourself, before you start to love others. Cause you cannot do that. You'd ended up hurting yourself.

I'm still on my way to create my own happiness. Let's do it!



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  1. Wah, jadi pengin ikutan challenge juga! Hehe...

    Btw, you're never too old to be a fangirl or do some fangirling stuff. Apalagi kalau bikin happy dan bikin makin produktif 😁

    1. ayooo ikutan, kak! couldn't agree more, that we never too old to be anything that make us happy XD