Telegram from Zis #1

Zis recently discovered that when anxious, or when zis want to focus,

zis tend to hold breath for several seconds

like when zis take pic, usually zis would ended up all sweaty and out of breath cause zis hold breath when take pic, out of habit.. or perhaps anxiety

it also happened when zis talk with customers, which boss keep on saying that zis need to work on talking pace. zis tend to talk fast but trying to sound excited as well, which just make zis tired after

or like just now, zis learned to play song, and somehow zis ended up sweaty and feel unwell. cause again, when trying to focus, zis hold breath for seconds

it wasn't a good habit, indeed, and honestly zis doesn't kow how it happened and when did it started

well, sometimes, outsiders, people around us, can see what we cannot see from ourselves. whether a good one, or a bad one

learn to listen

listen to people around you, to the things that you believe on, to your mind, to your body

it'd be a good start

--as posted on zis' channel on telegram

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