Fangirling Time: Review Dynamite - BTS



The wait is over, for the official MV of Dynamite has been released today, 11.00 WIB or 13.00 KST. I usually not the one that wait for the premiere. Either cause it happened during work time, or just because I'm not aware enough.

This one is kinda different cause I'm on my day off and I really anticipate this.

Why? Cause it's BTS' first English song. So, of course it's excite me :D

Ra reminded me yesterday as well that the premiere would be at 11 PM. I have standby with my Macbook on, but I was browsing anywhere else. Ra then informed that there was countdown live with BTS, and there was also live translation on Twitter. I'm so grateful for Ra, that can support my fangirling XD

Well, as fellow ARMY, we are supposed to support each other, right? *wink

Anyway, now let's talk about the MV. As we all have speculated, the theme is 90's era. It has light vibe, the MV color tone kinda remind me of 'Stay Gold' and 'Boy with Luv' MV.

It starts with the members are in the cloud, lining up and then start walking away to reveal Jimin, doing the pewpew thing XD

The scene than move to the Golden Maknae, Jungkook, sitting in the attic room, singing and dancing around. Oh he also drink milk, a real maknae move, right? XD

Next we'll see RM in the records store, dancing around and then show sneak peek of Dynamite's vinyl, which btw, on sale right as well, but good luck fighting over ARMY's worldwide to purchase it. I'm pretty sure it has been sold out by now, hehe.

After RM, there's JHope in ..I'm not sure, but seems like a canteen. However, considering that the next scene is Jungkook walking out from "Dynamite" Donuts & Burgers, so perhaps there's JHope was.

Jungkook walking out carrying donut, which is a good thing cause donut is a good thing :P

And then Jimin, just dancing around outside the cafe, we can see the cafe more clearly from outside.

There's also ice cream truck, disco, and then basketball field where they hanging out there.

Overall, BigHit did an excellent job to bring 90's vibe. I like the song, as it's bright and cheerful.

This song kinda reminds me of Bruno Mars as well, especially the opening part with Jungkook dancing and singing. And the donut place, good one. My favorite part is when they are in disco. They made me miss gathering with friends. Oh good old time.

It really bring back good memories, wish life was simple like that, especially the part where we can hangout with friends, hiks.

Thanks for the great song and MV, BTS! By the way, they are aiming for Grammy with this song, and I do wish them well.

Here's bonus pic for reading this post :D



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  1. Hi ci, aku juga suka banget sama MV dan lagunya 😍
    Sangat ceria dan penuh dengan warna warni, liriknya pun sangat penuh dengan semangat, bahkan aku udah nonton ulang-ulang nih mvnya saking sukanya sama mvnya yang brighten up my mood 🤭
    So, lagu dan mvnya benar-benar sukses deh! Setuju! 🥳👍🏻

    1. Betul, betul! Dan mereka sudah break record 100M, wah bangga banget aku tuh :)
      Lagu yang pas banget buat di masa seperti ini, hehe

  2. Hallo, ARMY! (:

    Aku juga suka banget sama lagunya, asik banget! Mana MV nya juga lucu, retronya terasa gitu. Anak-anak Bangtan juga seru-seruan aja gitu di MV 🤣
    Kayaknya sekarang udah trending 1 di YouTube. Nggak ngerti lagi sama ARMY 🤔

    1. Hello, ARMY! :D
      Iya, retronya dapet banget ya. Betul udah pecahin rekor pula bangga banget pokoknya :)