Fangirling Time: BTS on MTV VMA


First thing first, I'm literally shaking while writing this post cause of excitement. I honestly didn't expect great outcome for the awards as well you know, it's Western award. When I learn that they won 4 categories, wowww.. They deserved it, for sure. But to really win it, it's something else, for me.

In case you haven't heard, they won "Best Pop", "Best Choreography", "Best Group", and "Best K-Pop". They won all of the category that they were nominated for. Ain't that awesome?

Their perfomance on MTV VMA is their first TV performance for Dynamite. Of course, like other ARMY, I was excited to see their full performance, to see their full choreography as well.

Let's talk about the stage first. You can feel the retro vibe from the lighting and the background as well. Of course they have the perfect costume, they use SUITS. OMG. Super amazed with them, how they able to keep dancing so energitically with suits on.

Gotta say they all look fresh yet mature at the same time. Hmmm.. maybe the correct term would be, masculine? Each of them seems like having fun, though somehow I saw Jin looked tense. Maybe nervous or maybe it's his default face? 

When it come to his part, he totally nailed it tho. And the blowing kiss trademark, always hit me hard. Totally bias wrecker XD

As "older" ARMY, I got this proud sensation, watching them grow. From "War of Hormone", the teenage rebellious boys, the playful side of them still there. But, they have growth, that's for sure.

Years before, not many recognize BTS and asked what's good from them. I myself was on hiatus mode of fangirling for some moments, cause trust me, fangirling is tiring and also expensive, lol.

However, seeing them climbing to top, I can't help but falling in love with them even more. They spread this positivity to me. They motivate me to be better. They lighten my mood. And they made me wanna work harder to support them. Cause like I said before, Fangirling is expensive XD

Anyway, you guys should watch their perfomance to understand better what I was rambling about.



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