Book Review: I Will Never Forget You - Tatsuya Miyanishi

Title: I Will Never Forget You
Author: Tatsuya Miyanishi
Publisher: Museyon
Hardcover, 40 pages
Exp. publication date: August 1, 2020
ISBN: 9781940842448
Language: English
Genre: Children fiction
Rec. age to read: above 6 y.o
Source: ARC via netgalley
Price: $17.99 (as per 7 July 2020, Amazon)
Started reading on 6th July 2020 (finished on the same day)

A long, long time ago, a baby Spinosaurus was looking for red berries near the ocean. Just when a hungry Tyrannosaurus spots him and decides to pounce, an earthquake hits and the land where they stand cracks and washes away to the middle of the ocean. While they are living together on the tiny island, the Tyrannosaurus learns that the baby Spinosaurus needs the red berries for his sick mother, and it touches his heart. One day another big earthquake hits, and the island moves closer to the mainland. Holding the red berry tree, the Tyrannosaurus decides to make a risky jump ashore to save the baby Spinosaurus's mother. I Will Never Forget You, the latest from Miyanishi’s Tyrannosaurus series, is a heartwarming story that shows how making others happy makes you feel happy too.
The book is targeted to reader of young age, about unusual friendship between Tyrannosaurus or more popular with TRex name and a baby Spinosaurus.

At first, the TRex wanted to eat baby Spinosaurus but with the good talk of the baby, the TRex cancelled it and they became closer day by day. It's a simple story and quite heartwarming for me.

However, I was kinda bored with the story. When I got an email from the publisher few weeks ago, promoting the book, I was interested by the synopsis.

I expect more dramatic event, and somehow I already annoyed cause I cannot read it smoothly on my Kindle. Well, understandable as it was an ARC, but still, it bothered me.

I am not sure if the actual book will come in coloured page or not. I assume it is, as some other reviews attaching coloured version of it.

I cannot find the illustrator name so I assume the writer also did the illustration as well, which is kinda cool. The illustration is good and simple, I think it suits the story.

Overall, the story is okayy but due to the bad layout, I cannot say that I enjoy reading it that much.

Rate: 3/5


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