To Be The Happy Me: Be Strong

Just like any other common people, I have several experiences with job interview. Most of time, when I get called up to interview part, I'd get the job offer. I used to believe it because of my communication skill when doing the interview.

However, there's one thing that I keep on doing while others suggest me not to. I wrote one of weakness is, "Cannot work underpressure".

I'm not saying that you should put it on your resume as well, especially if you not comfortable stating it. I just want to share my experience here. And, honestly, I sincerely wish by admitting my weakness, I'd be able to overcome it one day. Sadly, up until now, I still stuck with it.

For now, I'm not about to share tips and trick with job interview/getting new job. I wanna share about how great mind is not only about thinking great things, but also about consistency. How to do so? By having resistance.

Resistance doesn't mean that you are not flexible. You need to be adaptive, but don't let the pressure change who you are. Imagine it's like rubber band. You might scretch it and it will back to its form. And we need to be able to do so.

When dealing with problem, I'm that kind of person that easily depressed and somehow a quitter. My dad once describe my sis as "easy-going" while I'm the one that "take it easy". Well, he's not wrong, to be fair XD

I love to stay in my comfort zone. I am willing to learn, as long as I can. I am a well-planner, but poor executor. If things gone wrong or not doing well as I've planned, I would give up. That is why, I agree with my dad that I take it easy.

I have a good plan, but if I failed, OK, move on to new plan. The problem is, I really move on. I did not try to fix 
what was wrong. I choose to start over or move forward, and that is why, it's really bad for my relationship with people. Especially those who I work with.

I only focus on my self, my own comfort, my pace, and my own inner-peace. I dismissed the fact that people also put effort on what I've been involved. They also pour their ideas, spent time, and work hard. It was really unfair of me.

To those of you that I've been hurting and read this, I sincerely sorry for my immature and inconsiderate choices.

I'm still learning to be the better me. I am thankful for those who stays, keep supporting me despite all my flaws.

Let's be better and be happy, friends :)


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