Review & Reaction to BTS' Stay Gold MV

Hello, I'm back with post that related to BTS, yeay XD

I know that I've promised to share more about RUN BTS project and I will get back to it at the soonest, so sorry for the delay :"

Honestly, I wanna make video reaction to this MV. However, with some consideration, I choose to write blog post instead. One of the consideration is language barrier, hehe. I still need to improve my confidence as well and try to be more expressive, and some other technical things about making video reaction. So, for now, in order to keep the consitency, I will do the blogpost first :)

OK, now let's talk about the MV, shall we? :D

stay gold

The MV started with a dark theme, but not that dark. I think it's related to the music, that it's light, kinda bright, that made the ambience not that dark.

Oh, I also not sure if this MV related to Bangtan Universe or not, cause some make theory that it is, but some also said not.

I asked Ra about it and she said she not know what theory that can come, soo.. hmmm!

The MV started with Jungkook walking in an alley, to a window with broken curtain. Suga sitting in a middle of messy room. Jin floating on a mattress. RM is behind bars, locked. Jimin is inside an abandoned bus. Taehyung sit on the floor, surrounded with book that later on he would put on fire (WHY V, WHY?). And Hobi sit on the kitchen, near sink, would be on the next scene after the chorus part.

On chorus part, they all look super chill and relax. It's super satisfying to see them like that, like.. what to say, calming?

Hobi and Jungkook were playing with water sprinkler, Suga was listening to music on his headset, RM was playing with a dog, while V and Jimin were playing blocks together. And there was Jin, reading a book.

How I wish to be there with them, just chillin :"

After that, it come again to their "dark story" and we can see Jungkook in the sewers, like Ninja Turtle *hehe

And then there's a..sprinkle of light? that guide him, as well as other members, that also saw the same light.

They walked out and entering a very bright and huge garden together. In there, V found a purple tree that he touched and the gold light come out from it, going out to somewhere else.

I believe the philosophy could be about ARMY's relationship with BTS.

The gold sprinkle light is represent ARMY, that would help BTS to overcome their fear and lead them to a happy place. The purple tree is linked to a term, "I purple you" which is surely about ARMY. I also believe that the message is, BTS also hoped that ARMY would spread the positive energy to other people as well.

Some of you might have been aware that BTS got campaign about "Love Yourself" and they are very active about humanity cause. Another reason of why I really love this group :"

The song itself, "Stay Gold", got strong message on the lyrics. 

Don't be afraid
I'll approach slowly
I'm giving you advance, notice, baby
I'll gently accept your vulnerable self
Your deepest parts, now
Hope you also getting the positive vibe from this song, and the MV as well :)

See you on another post, friends :D


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