Few days ago, Ra suggested me to watch BTS' performance at 2019 MMA. She said it was another achievement as well, as they were the first ever to perform for around 30mins. It was like mini concert XD

So I did it today and yes, it really amused me

Watching the video, reminded me why I love them.

Generally, their spirit is what amuse me the most.

I love how their song got deep meaning lyrics and also somehow could be ear-worming. They dare to put another elements, another genre on their music and mix it so it would be interesting.

The other thing, I found their performances are entertaining. They always all out, put suprising element, and their choreo is superb for me,

When they dance, it looks easy, like they do it effortlessly. Still, we can see how powerful their dance as well

If you guys happened to see a sneakpeek about how their crew working hard to prevent the stage from falling apart, yeah, it shows how their dance is full of energy.
(yeah, and also to say that some promotor not really care about safety XD)

Still about their dance, their dance is comical and theterical as well. Do look at JHope that always serious yet would put smile here and there.

BTS for me, is what they called performance art and I love it.

Aside from the experience, emotion, that they gave me through their performance, they actually affected me more than that.

They taught me so many things, such as not to give up on your dream; and also, it's okay to be vulnerable.

Their campaign is about Love Yourself. That you have to be able to love yourself, cause if you not, you won't be able to save anyone. Yes, including yourself.

Also, their songs also a reminder that we are just human, with fear, sadness, and trauma. That doesn't make us less, it just make us a normal human being.

Anyway, I do remember that I have promised to share another story from my fangirling story. I promise I will get back to it at the soonest.

For now, I will reminisced memory of 5 years ago; the girl who admired RM's dimple and BTS' choreography

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