Weekend Readaway #3: Read What You Want to Read


Phew, I almost missed another Weekend Readaway XD

I was in the middle of conversation with Mpah, one of my friend that is well-known as blogger and instagrammer as well. Her works are detailed, clean, and easy to read. You should check her blog and instagram, I will just put where to contact her: Afifah Mazaya

Now, for this week's theme, I wanna discuss about how we should be able to feel okay with what we read.

Few years ago, I've created a meme "Dare to Say" cause I feel that people could be very judgy when it comes to book. Ironically, it usually comes from people that claim themselves as reader. Those who loves book, but being judgmental when people not read what they read.

That is why I put Flash - Iron Man - and Dr Seuss' book on my banner. I love them equally. I not feel that people who love DC Comic is not understand the complexity of Marvel Universe. I also not feel that Marvel is more lovable than DC Comic. Or that I have read "mature" comic, I should stop reading Dr Seuss.

I have a story that somehow related with it. Few years ago, I was applying job to an online bookstore. The boss is asking me through email, what book that I love the most. And my answers are Matilda, Hobbit, and any books by Enid Blyton.

A little note: I haven't read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory back then. I love it more than Matilda. But thanks to Matilda, I get to know Grandpa Dahl's work and read his books :)

Anyway, long story short, I got the job from the online bookstore, eventho my favorite book is children books. Cause I can express how much I love them, and why I love it.

It's not like the book giving me any significant life lesson, but I enjoy reading it and it makes me fall in love with books.

So, never be ashamed with what you read. Be proud that you have something you love.

What is Weekend Readway?
Weekend Readaway is an original feature/weekly meme created by Zis from zisstory.com and Ra from theredglowofthedawn.com
It will be the place for you to share your experience from your currently-reading book, which you have read throughout the week and what you will (or have) read on the weekend

Why Weekend Readway?
We can read anytime and anywhere. Even so, we believe that reading is a solitude action, which we could enjoy with a dedicated time for it, hence the title "Weekend Readaway". We usually got more time on weekend to do something we love the most, and while doing so, why not share the experience with others? :)

If you are interested to join this meme and wanna share it on your blog, we are more than welcome you to do so! :D
Please leave a comment with the link of your post and we will share it on our post as well :)
Hope you enjoy reading and have a weekend well spend!


Zis ❤️

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