Weekend Readaway #2: Eat Good Food, Read Good Book

Hello, there!

I feel bad that I have skipped sharing my own feature for few times XD
But you know, life. My working hour is from Monday to Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday I would be occupied witht things that I cannot do on my working days. Including family gathering, or self-improvement with online class.

I also opted to work from home as the situation seems not getting better yet. It is more tiring and challenging, as there are so many limitation. However my boss and coworker is cooperative so all is good.

This also remind me why actually I started this feature with RA, cause I planned to relax on weekend while doing thing that I like the most, which is reading.

Hopefully I could be consistent on sharing on this blog especially for this feature as well.

Now, I will share to you what is my plan for this weekend.

In moment like this, health has become biggest concern for common people. Including me, and I hope to you guys as well.

I have tried to keep track of what I eat, do more exercise, and also eat good food. Good food is not neccesarily healthy or diet or vegan food. Any food that I like, that makes me happy.

Cause good food would improve our mood and our imunity as well.

But don't forget to read book, especially if you are a book lover like me.

We must understand that not only our mind also need good nutrition, not only from food but also from what we read.

Do you aware of detox? Let's do it as well, not only for our digestion, but also for our mind.
I encourage you to stay clear from social media, at least for 3 hours per day. Or maybe just for today. It is okay, baby step.

The internet has offered us too much information that could be overwhelming.

Let's take a break from that, take a deep breath, and enjoy your book(s) :)

What is Weekend Readway?
Weekend Readaway is an original feature/weekly meme created by Zis from zisstory.com and Ra from theredglowofthedawn.com
It will be the place for you to share your experience from your currently-reading book, which you have read throughout the week and what you will (or have) read on the weekend

Why Weekend Readway?
We can read anytime and anywhere. Even so, we believe that reading is a solitude action, which we could enjoy with a dedicated time for it, hence the title "Weekend Readaway". We usually got more time on weekend to do something we love the most, and while doing so, why not share the experience with others? :)

If you are interested to join this meme and wanna share it on your blog, we are more than welcome you to do so! :D
Please leave a comment with the link of your post and we will share it on our post as well :)
Hope you enjoy reading and have a weekend well spend!


Zis ❤️

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