About Love and What is Not Love

I found interesting thread on Twitter, by accident : https://twitter.com/ciloqciliq/status/1254811083384086534?s=20

This thread is exactly the reason why I've been in a phase where I cannot trust my partner

I used to be like her, trying my best to be a cool gf, who understands and can give space to partner

But well, some people simply don't deserve it as my ex(es) --yes, plural, I was that dumb -- choose to cheat with other girl that "always there with him" and "need him more"

After that, I am drastically changed to a clingy gf, who will always monitor my bf, got 0 trust for him

But, well, he also cheat on me with reason "I cannot breathe, I want my freedom"

All the heartache is a lesson for me

You cannot make someone love you
Neither make them loyal to you

If they truly love you, they will respect you and be loyal to you

I am not saying that you can be meanie or disrepectful to those who love you, quite the opposite

To love, is to respect

If one cannot respect the other, then it's not love

It takes two to tango. It takes two to build a strong and healthy relationship

Love is worth to fight for, but make sure you are not on the battle alone


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