Weekend Readaway #1: The Beginning

Hello, friends!

I'm super excited to annouce the new meme that I created with Ra, my friend. We were talking about being more productive with writing and blogging as well, and then came up with the plan to create our own meme. So, here we go, let's share with us on "Weekend Readaway"

What is Weekend Readway?
Weekend Readaway is an original feature/weekly meme created by Zis from zisstory.com and Ra from theredglowofthedawn.com
It will be the place for you to share your experience from your currently-reading book, which you have read throughout the week and what you will (or have) read on the weekend

Why Weekend Readway?
We can read anytime and anywhere. Even so, we believe that reading is a solitude action, which we could enjoy with a dedicated time for it, hence the title "Weekend Readaway". We usually got more time on weekend to do something we love the most, and while doing so, why not share the experience with others? :)

For this weekend, I'm going to read books on my Kindle while also catching up for Read and Review Challenge which I have not followed for 2 weeks *gasp
You know, life! *giggle

It might be such a classic excuse, to say that work is really taking up your time. But well, it's true! 

Perhaps I gotta add that I also has been challenging myself to be a better person for this past 2 weeks.
I start bike to work, and doing laundry by myself, as well as cleaning house. If you knew me well, you might understand how challenging is all that XD

I still try my best to keep on reading tho. I requested some children short stories on NetGalley to help me keep on reading, just to make it a habit.

Still, I miss read a novel and that is why I will spend my weekend to read. Let's make it as another habit :)

My plan on this Weekend Readaway is:
  • Read and review Murder of the Orient Express
  • Read and review The Little Prince
  • Continue reading Japanese Fairy Tales
Pretty ambitious, I know. But well, we got a day to spend, ain't we? :P

How about you? Do you have any plan for this weekend? Or perhaps you already stacking up for weeks? XD

If you are interested to join this meme and wanna share it on your blog, we are more than welcome you to do so! :D

Please leave a comment with the link of your post and we will share it on our post as well :)
Hope you enjoy reading and have a weekend well spend!


Zis ❤️

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