Read and Review Challenge #1: My Singing Nana by Pat Mora

Read and Review Challenge by Vidi & Zis

Another bookish challenge!

This time, it's a mini project by me and one of my old friend, from book forum in Kaskus (Serapium)

We wanna challenge ourselves to read and write more, therefore we made the "Read and Review Challenge"

The challenge is simple, read a book that related to weekly theme and then review it. The deadline for review is on the next Monday after reading

Week 1: Language (chosen by Vidi) | Check Vidi's post here: Retrofleks
Week 2: Travelling (chosen by zis)
Week 3: Satire (chosen by Vidi)
Week 4: Sport (chosen by zis)

Some of you might wondered, why zis? I used that name a lot for this past years, so, well, consider it as my pen name XD

Actually, I already passed the deadline for week 1 *sigh

I really not sure what to read, cause what to read about language? *psst, I don't blame you, Vid, relax, it's a challenge after all :P

Ra suggested me to read 'Stella Diaz Has Something to Say' and recommend me to read it from AnyBook but my Android is broken, so I cannot access AnyBook. Cell suggested to read some fantasy book, but honestly it would be too much pressure on me, hehe.

So I decided to review a book that I read as ARC, "My Singing Nana".

It's a book about a boy who loves his Nana or grandma who suffered with dementia. He worried that Nana would forget things that they used to do, and eventually forget him. With Spain background, the book contains Spanish words and culture here and there, like Amigos (friends) or Gracias (Thanks). It also giving you recipe for empanada at the end of the book, yeay!

What I like about the book is how it smoothly explain that eventhough the person suffered with dementia might forget things, they are still the same person they was. They still our loving Grandma, Mother, etc.

And why I choose this book for Language theme, simply because this book is another proof that when you learn about a language, you also need to learn about the culture, either tradition, songs, or food. Read a book that contain all of it? Of course would be a good thing *wink

Do you have any other recommendation for a book about learning another language, or perhaps moving to another country? I prefer it to be a fiction one, cause I'm not really into reading non-fiction XD

Also, do you learn any language aside from your native speaking? I've tried to learn portugese, hebrew, germany, and dutch by far, with superrrrr slow progress. Might be focusing more to Dutch and English, but hmmm.. we will see!

Last but not least, feel free to join the challenge as well if you want to, friends!



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  1. Wonderful! This makes me wanna read the book!

    Btw, i just thought to make an english post, and then i read this post, and now i can't wait to write the next review...

    The problem is...i haven't finished the bookšŸ¤£
    I'll be late for sure..