It's the 31st!

The sounds of fireworks and fire crackers from outside of my apartment's unit made me realize that it's already almost New Year.

I'm not really celebrating New Year, and well, just like most of us, New Year's resolution is just another myth for me, lol

But I still believe that it always good to try being better day by day, and I can understand why people choose to have some resolution as New Year often linked with new hope, new opportunity, etc.

I also agree that it might be a good time to do some self-reflection, to see how far we have grown or maybe, to inspect how we often we just slacking around. Yeah, of course I'm talking about my self XD

I started this year with no job, though I have been interviewed on December 2018, but still no news if I got it or not. I finally started my job as part-time on February, before become full-time worker on March 2019.

During my month being a part-time worker, I must commute from Jakarta to Bogor. Some said that it must be tiring but I found it otherwise.

Yes it took longer for me to reach my work place. However, I am lucky enough to a train station nearby my house, and also, my workplace is not that far from station as well.

I could spend my commuting time with reading, or just relaxing. As my route is the 'unpopular' route, I rarely must standing on the train. Also, I basically just love being on train. Not all the queue before hop in, of course, but I like train.

Starting new job and at new profession, really challenging for me. I love my new workplace and I guess it's safe to say that I have a great team in here. Though I have to say farewell to some of good workmate as they have moved to other workplace. Which is kinda sad, but well.. we must wish all the best for our good friend, right? :)

On my new job, despite learning new skills, I also trying my best to improve my English skill. That is why, if we must talk about New Year's resolution, I would add improve my English on that list. Also, learning new languages (so far, I've learned Dutch and Hebrew, let's see if I can keep on going with it).

As I mentioned on my previous post, I don't wanna put that much pressure on my self. I wanna set some realistic goal, allowing my self to take babysteps here and there, also to enjoy my life.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, that this year I also fulfilled my dream to going on road trip, yeay!
Last November, I went to Solo to meet my precious aplen, with Cell and Baby, my lil sis. We had good time and I definetely not regretting it. Not gonna doing it anytime soon tho cause yes it was tiring, lol XD

Oh and I also play ukulele, now, yeay! It doesn't require me to read music notes like piano/violin, sooo.. I'm enjoying it so far

I do have some goals, wishes, or whatever you might called it to be accomplished on 2020. Yes, we should be a better person on 2020.

But first, let's just be grateful for all the things that happened to us on 2019. We have done our best and we survived against all odds.

Cheers for many good times ahead!

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