I've Done My Goodreads Challenge!


I'm super happy that I finally completed my own reading challenge this year.

First of all, yes, it's way lower than most of my Goodreads' friend target, as I only set target to read 24 books for a year. I once set goal to 100 but that was when I still actively being a book blogger, so, yes, ofc, I must set the bar hight, right?

Nowadays, I rarely could spare time to read a book. Well, correction, I chose to doing something else instead, like binge-watching Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I still have NCIS, The Mentalist, Scrubs, and How I Met Your Mother on my waiting list, let's see if I could make it next year XD

So anyway, read 24 books a year is already another achievement for me. And honestly, I just started constantly reading again thanks to Mira W. Eventho some of the stories made me wanna scream in protest, I enjoyed her writing style. She made me wanna keep on reading and back to writing again. Welp, am that cheesy, I know, can't help.

Okay, back to the reading challenge. This year I also managed to finish it with no comic at all, by this far. I already borrowed my friend comic series, and planned to read it to complete my challenge, but apparently I do not need it. Yes, I'm so proud of my self! *insert I-Know Pup sticker here

To be fair, I was worried when setting the goal. Doesn't it too low? Why don't I challenge my self to read more?

Now I have completed it, I still feel good about my self and not feel bad, cause I not force my self to read more, just enjoying the reading itself.

Which reminds me of what my supervisor at work once said, not to burden our self with higher goal if it only frustated us.

Baby step is okay, as long you keep on walking. The point is not how further you could walk, but how the journey could make you be a better person.

So when you are there, reaching the point that you wanted to be, you are fully satisfied and proud of yourself.

What's the point on being hard to yourself if it only weaken you and slowing you down to achieve your goal?

It's still 29 December, still got time to add more books on the list. And oh, oh! I already purchased Kindle, thanks to awesome friends that I met on one of MMORPG game on Telegram.

If you wanna know what game is that, just click this after you installed Telegram app on your phone: Play with ME! Thank me later :P

Next post might be about the Kindle and also more about my friends from that game.

In the meantime, how about you and or your reading challenge? Or perhaps you also have some 2019 resolution that you have achieved? Or still struggle in doing so? Please do share your stories with me :D

Life might be not as easy as we wish it would be, but most of time it's also not as hard as we see it.

Always choose to be happy, friends!


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