Dear you, the brokenhearted girl #3

Dear you,

the brokenhearted girl


Love is about trust

Don't blame your self for believing the lie

The one who truly loves you won't hurt you by lying to you

No matter how sweet the lie was


Love is about communication

Don't feel down when you cannot understand him

If he deeply in love with you, he will share his feelings and thoughts with you

No matter how hard it was


You might be brokenhearted

but, to love is to forgive

Don't hate someone who broke your heart

for it will only hurt you more


You might wonder why it cannot work

but, to love is to let go

Don't try to find the reasons why it happened

for it will not change the truth, you and him are not meant to be


For great relationship

it's not only about the right person and the right moment

it's about commitment

when you have found your perfect match


Stop looking for the perfect guy

Stop trying to be the perfect woman

You are enough

and the one for you will be enough

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