Dear you, the brokenhearted girl #2


Dear you,

the brokenhearted girl


First and foremost,

always remember that you deserve to be happy

and you can always choose to be happy


Things might not work smoothly

Life could surprise you unpleasantly

Still, you are stronger than you believe


In fact,

When you feel that you're getting weaker,

Find someone that believe you are strong


Never let someone else determine what is happiness for you

Never let somebody else be your source of happiness

Be happy

Always choose to be happy


Sometimes, you might feel that you fight the battle alone

That's okay

Just be strong and be brave

You'll be amazed when you have survived the battle

And most of time, after winning the battle,

You'll find out that you were never alone

You always have someone, who fight the battle with you, before you, and for you

Sometimes, heartbroken is a hard way to learn that we are loved so much more than we thought we deserve

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