[Book Review] Freckle Juice


Title:  Freckle Juice

Author: Judy Blume

Illustrator: Sonia O. Lisker

Cover art: Rowan Barnes-Murphy

Publisher: Yearling, imprint of Random House

Paperback, 47 pages

1986 edition, first published in 1978

ISBN: 9780440428138

Language: English

Genre: Children fiction

Rec. age to read: Above 6 y.o

Source: purchase at Big Bad Wolf Books sale on April 2017

Started read on: May 1, 2017

Finished read on: May 1, 2017

Price: Rp 57.755  (different edition from Book Depository, as per 2 May 2017

Submitted for "BBI Read and Review Challenge 2017, Category: Children Fiction"


Nick has freckles.

They cover his face, his ears, and the whole back of his neck. If Andrew had freckles like Nicky, his mother would never know if his neck was dirty. But how exactly do you get freckles?

For fifty cents, know-it-all Sharon has the answer—a secret family freckle recipe. Fifty cents is a lot of money, but Andrew is desperate.

It's not until after he goes home and carefully mixes the strange combination of ingredients that he realizes he might be getting more than he paid for.

Andrew wanted freckles so badly. He envied Nick, the boy who sat in front of him in the class. Nick has like a million freckles. In Andrew's mind, his mom wouldn't notice if he not shower yet cause freckles would cover the dirt.

Sharon, the annoying girl, noticed Andrew's desire. She told Andrew that she had secret recipe to help Andrew get freckles. It would cost 50 cents.

In one side, he doubt that Sharon really had the secret recipe. Plus, it was too expensive as it costs whole five weeks Andrew's allowance. But he really want it. Should he take it or not?

It's my first time reading Judy Blume's writing. I had another one that has been in my pile for years, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret". After reading this, I'm looking forward to read it.

Though the book not really impressed me, I love Judy Blume's writing style. I like the story's idea, about embracing your self. It teaches us that each person is unique and lovable.

That's why I love Miss Kelly saying on page 45, about how she love her kids just the way they are.

The book also taught us to be polite, reflected on how Andrew's mother told him to greet other women first before asking his need. Also, it taught us to always be cautious, not easily fool by someone else.

Overall, it was a fun read. I enjoyed it as a light reading and cannot wait to read the next book by Judy Blume.



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