[Booking Through Thursday] Carrier

btt2It's my first time to join this meme though I have followed the blog for some times. Perhaps more than a year XD

This week topic is carrier. Do you carry books wherever you go?

Easy to answer, right? Book always on my list. Everywhere I go, I always make sure that I have book to read.

To be honest, there are times that I got pretty busy and cannot read. And then, I choose to not bring any book.

But when I have spare time and not carry any book, I'm super glad that I have ebook on my phone. YEAY!

So, I've adjusted my habit. I'm still a big fan of printed edition, but I love ebook as well. It helps to avoid me from carry too heavy bag XD

Now, I will try to analyze the situation before put any book to my bag. If I believe that I could have time to read at least half of it, then okay. But if not, I will check if I have interesting book on my ebook reader.

Previously, I only want to read ebook with less than 200 pages. But to my own surprise, I've read Haruki Murakami's book on ebook version. It contains at least 500 pages on ebook version. I can't say that means I have transformed to a full-time ebook reader or big fan or else. I believe it just because I read a very good story that made me hard to stop reading it, no matter what the format it is.

So, yes, I carry book everywhere I go. Printed edition, some time. Ebook, everytime (it's on my mobile phone :P)

What about you? Do you carry book everywhere?



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