[Book Review] Sammy Spider's First Passover

Title:  Sammy Spider's First Passover

Author: Sylvia Rouss

Illustrations:  Katherine Janus Kahn

Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing

ebook, 24 pages

Publication Date: January 7th, 2014

ISBN-13: 9781480464407

Language: English

Genre: Children Fiction

Rec. age to read: Above 5 y.o

Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Price: USD 6.99


Sammy Spider presents Passover through rhymes, mazes, puzzles, and more. A great afikomen gift for kids.

This fixed-layout ebook, which preserves the design and layout of the original print book, features read-along narration.

"Silly little Sammy," said his mother. "Spiders don't celebrate Passover. Spiders spins webs..."

Poor Sammy!

One day, he disturbed by a monster (his mother said it called broom) who broke his web. His mother calm him, said nothing to worry about. The Shapiros always do a special cleaning as preparation for Passover. What they need to do is, create new webs.

Sammy wasn't interested to make a new webs. He curious, what is Passover? Can spider celebrate it, too? Sadly, cannot. Spider don't celebrate Passover and his mother keep saying it while making new webs.

But, really? Can't they?

What I love from this book is, it such a good activity book. You can read it for your children and ask them to help Sammy's mom to create the web in form she asked. Suits for those who celebrate Passover, so you can teach your kids about what Passover is, in a fun way.

You can read before bed time and make sure your kids already hold a pencil to help Sammy's mother. Yep, you can teach them about shapes, too!

Good illustrations and well-written book. If I have this book when I was a kid, this book certainly will be my favorite one.

Oh, almost forgot. This title also available in Paperback, though I'm not so sure if it have same feature. However, you can check here.


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