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Title: Daisy's Big Night

Author: Sandra V. Feder

Illustration: Susan Mitchell

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Hardcover, 112 pages

Expected Pub. Date: March 1st, 2014

ISBN-13: 9781554539086

Language: English

Genre: Children Fiction

Rec. age to read: Above 9 y.o

Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Price: Rp 148.000 (Pre-order at OpenTrolley)


Daisy has always loved making lists of her favorite words. When her neighbor invites her to a poetry party, Daisy learns many new wondrous things she can do with the words she's collected. But can she create something truly special for the Student Showcase night?

Daisy is a little girl who love words so much. She carry her notebook most of time and write so much list on that. One day, she got invitation from Mrs. Bookman to attend a poetry party. Daisy is very excited but also nervous at the same time. She even made the word for it -poetrified.

She share about it to her close friend, Emma, who also happy to hear that. She assure Daisy that she will be just fine as Daisy is very good in making poetry. And yes, Daisy enjoy the poetry party as she can meet other peoples who love poetry (or words!) as much as she does.

Wait, the story was not finish yet! Daisy still need to do something for the Student Showcase night. Especially as Ms. Goldner, Daisy's favourite teacher, is getting married and will move away from school, Daisy really wish she can do something unique, special and memorable for her. But, what she suppose to do?

Hmm! You have to read it by yourself. Trust me, you will enjoy it as much as I do. Especially, if you love children story ^^

My favourite character in this book is for sure, Daisy. I smile each time she write down her favorite word(s). I also somehow amazed with her imagination. Oh how I miss the old time, when you have plenty time to do what you want to do. But honestly, I'm quite surprise with her idea for Student Showcase. It's so great and I really wish one day I can do it, too! xD

My favourite quote taken from Mrs. Bookman poetry,
"Happily I return,

again and again

to the dance of my book." - page 49

Anyway, I love that at the end of the book,reader can peek what's inside that little girl notes. The author seems can read my mind cause I can't stop wonder what's actually written on Daisy's list while read the story.

I also just realize that it was part of series. Hmm..can't wait to read the other books! :)


Book-admirer ♥

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