Review: Book to Movie - Matilda

Well, Matilda is not in my list for the "Book to Movie" challenge. Let's say that am lucky for "accidentally" watching the movie on Fox Family channel.

Matilda is one of my favorite books, written by Roald Dahl. It name after the main-character, Matilda. The sensitive-genius-diligent little girl. She is book-worm, just like me (ehm..) But there's no perfect life, isn't it? Matilda need to deal with ignorant parents that not respect their adorable kid. When she attend school, it getting worse since she met with unbelievable head-master. Luckily, Matilda have Miss Honey as her home-room teacher that supportive and trust-worthy.

I had high expectation for this movie. I believe so do other people, especially Roald Dahl's fans.

I already write the review for Matilda in bahasa Indonesia here.

Now, am going to comment about the movie.

Since I love the book so much, I have high expectation for the movie. Then I was quite disappointed after watched the movie.

Too much improvement, in my opinion. I don't like the part when Matilda explore Miss Trunchbull house, at day and at night. And I feel it just kinda 'weird' and too much. Maybe just my opinion, but seriously, is it really necessary to do? Like the FBI part, it bother me. Also, Michael, turns out become bullying brother. Can't stop wondering, why..?

I love Mara Wilson. Her adorable eyes, cute smile, close enough with Matilda. And Mrs Wormwood.. I prefer the Quentin Blake illustration, somehow. It just match with my imagination for the lazy house-wife like her.

It seems like I love the book too much and somehow, it made me have high expectation for the movie. Maybe too high. Or, maybe it just me that 'not flexible'. Maybe I just love book too much.

Lots of love, ♥ ZP ♥

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  1. suka filmnya..
    mungkin karena blum baca bukunya ya..
    jadi pengen :)

  2. iya, saya rasa seandainya saya belum pernah baca bukunya, saya juga suka dengan film-nya
    mungkin karena saya rasa yang di buku juga sudah "cukup"
    ayo baca.. *bukan bagian promosi* :))

  3. oalaah, baru tahu kalo ini dari buku
    saya suka sekali filmnya, salah satu film fav saya waktu kecil hehe
    haduh jadi kepengen baca bukunya nih -_-"

  4. Hohoho, iya ini emang dari buku.
    Di buku sih ceritanya lebih sederhana daripada film ya.
    Saya malah enggak pernah nonton ini waktu kecil :)
    Ayo, dicari bukunya, gak gitu susah kok :D