Sing-a-Song:Help Me Find Way to Say Good Bye


Wow, it is the first time I write my opinion about new song. Hm, not really new, but still newer than the other, like Because of You or The More Boys I Meet.

Again, my lil, uhm, maybe not lil, but younger sister, tell me about this song. She used it as ringtone and said that I have to hear the original version (She was using some app to re-mix that song) And I like it.
She dried up in the desert

Drowned in the hot tub

Danced to death at an East Side nightclub

Help me, help me, I'm all out of lies

And ways to say you died

It reminds me to the day when I just broke up with my (ex) boyfriend. He was my work-mate and though we not spend whole work-time together, we used to going home together. We broke up on Tuesday evening and I tried my best, not to come at work with teary eyes or sad face.

I thought it would getting worse if my friends know that my relationship over. They would ask me, why? I know the answer but I was pretty sure that I would ended up blaming my self and can't stop crying. I wanted prepare my self first, so I wouldn't need to cry anymore. Crying is tiring, right?

I just share it with my close friends, but I asked them to keep it for themselves. Each time one of my friends that didn't know, asked me about my boyfriend, I just give them smile or give random answer.

It might been easier if he wasn't at the same office. And yeah, like this song, maybe it would be simpler if I could tell he already died. Mostly people will stop asking, or even if some of them still bother, the rest would give them 'that-look', to stop them.

However, I think there's no easy way to say that your relationship is over. I choose to say nothing because I know whatever their responses, I won't feel any better. Sometimes, sharing just make you confused and doubt the decision you already made before.

My suggestion, if you break up with your partner, instead of crying whole night, you better make the list, how to answer when someone ask where is your partner. My favourite one is like from this song, "Oh, he danced to death at an East Side nightclub"



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