Sing-a-Song: Good in Goodbye

I found this video by accident. Uhm, not that kind of accident. I was watching video from SongPop, song from Carrie Underwood and it lead me to find this video. You can watch the video here

The opening wasn't make me feel like, "Oh, it's so me.." But, when it come to the chorus, wow.. I guess, I couldn't agree more.
As bad as it was, as bad as it hurt

I thank God I didn’t get what I thought that I deserved

Sometimes life leads you down a different road

When you’re holding on to someone that you gotta let go

Someday you’ll see the reason why

Sometimes, yeah, sometimes, there’s good in goodbye

Have you ever felt this way? When you truly love someone but you know you have to let go. Well, this song said that 'someday you'll see the reason why..' If you do, then lucky you. But, what if you not (yet)?

Sometimes, what hurt was the 'unfinished business'. The memories, the promises, the words that once spoken..

You spend most of your time, wondering why it must happened. When you fall in love, you feel the eternity. Feels like it would last forever. I believe that none of us predict or even worse,wishing to end our love story.

We all want the everlasting love story. Meet someone that attract us, fall in love, having a great relationship, get married, raising kids together, grow old together.

Wasn't it hurt, when you remember that you wouldn't be able to do your 'future plan' with him/her?

But overall, I agree that there's good in goodbye.

There must be a reason, why you have to say goodbye with the one that you love. Either for your own good, his/her good or..for both of you.

Don't let the good bye took you down. Cherish the moment that you once had. Be thankful for each precious moment that once shared.

There's always a good in good bye.

Yeah, someday you'll see the reason why. Maybe not as soon as you wish, but you will.



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  1. 'Someday you’ll see the reason why..’, I wish this part was would make are suffering so much less.

  2. don't worry, sooner or later, you will..
    just believe that everything that meant to be, will always be :)

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