90's Songs - It's All Because of You

Because of You - 98 Degrees

They are one of my favourite boys. I'm not sure if they are 90's boys or not, but Wikipedia told me so. I choose to believe.

I will write the lyrics for you, here:
You're my sunshine after the rain

You're the cure against my fear and my pain

'Cause I'm losing my mind

When you're not around

It's all, it's all

It's all because of you

Well, how was that, ladies? Sweet, huh? And, guys, can you be as sweet as these guys? No? Ugh, okay. I won't argue with you.

In my opinion, this song is the perfect song to sing with your partner, maybe during karaoke time?

The rhythm, the lyrics, always make me smile. I imagine if someday my boyfriend sing this song for me, do simple dance, give me that grin.. hm, still sweet for me, even my (future) boyfriend might be not a great dancer (I WISH, at least, he is a great singer)

When you fall in love, there's a huge chance that when you hear this song, you would say, "Oh, it's so me!"

And, yes, I agree that this song was describe well the beauty of falling in love.

Love make us strong, love give us joy.

If it don't,then you can consider it wasn't love.

Hope you have a happy love story.



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