The Great Companion

I read that as writer, you have to write wherever, whatever, whenever, however.

But, I think it is okay to have our favourite companion, right?

Either it was food, song or buddy.

For me, food and music was good companion while I am writing.
Love is when I am writing while listening to music with hot chocolate as my mate

I love writing. I love music. I love chocolate. Hm, I think something missing in that quote.
Love is when I am writing while listening to music with hot chocolate as my mate. Perfect is when it happen near the beach where I can see dolphin jumping in-out water, Kaka sitting next to me and David Garrett playing violin in front of us.

Hey, dreams are free, right? Let me dream as much as I like.

Anyway, it would be great if you have favourite companion. Since it would help you keep going, give you such a good mood and help you feel relax. Relax means your head is ready for the new idea!

You can also find someone as your companion. The other tips that I got was you have to join writing club, community, that could help you share thoughts, experiences. Find people that would support you to write, encourage you and who knows if they could be not only writing-buddy, but also hangout friends, or even better, best friends?

By NaNoWriMo event, I wasn't only get encouragement to write everyday, but also got chances to meet new people, great writer, nice mentor and interesting writing-buddy. My goal is winning this year, but even if I failed (I really wish I won't, though) I'm glad that I earn a lot from this event. Many writing tips, experiences and friends :)

Life is full of surprise. You never know what would happened, so take any possibilities that you want to take. Find out what is the great companion for you. Even the good if being writer is we can build our own world, as human, we always need others to help us.

Keep your imagination high but stay alive.



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