Sing-a-Song: I'm Gonna Be Around MLTR

Warning. This post is not about the song. It's about my decision to become MLTR's fan.

I love this guys. Seriously.

Not just how they create lovely songs, but how they keep in touch with their fans. I love how they always find way to make their fans feel closer to them. They keep updating their social network, make some fan-quiz.

I appreciate how they respect their fans, and make their fans love them more and I thought it was great way to spread their influence. Fans that already knew them for years would stick to them cause they are humble. And I would wonder if they not getting more fans than before.

What else do you need? They have great songs, humble personality and they love their fans! It was something that you hard to find in famous band.

Maybe you would say they just lucky to have great management and I think that good, though. Furthermore, no matter how good their management, they will go nowhere if they not have great songs, in my opinion.
It's been so long since we took the time

to share words from deep inside us

We're in our own world spinning our wheels

but you know how I feel

since the first time I took your hand

my love for you has just been growing

you always seem to understand

you know how I am

I'm gonna love you til the end

I'm gonna be your very true friend

I wanna share your ups and downs

I'm gonna be around

I love this guys from the very first, I feel bad that it took so long for me to realize how great they are and officially become their fan. I used to be only their follower. But, it never too late to start something good, right?



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