Sing-a-Song: Run and Love Your Life

I was playing SongPop on facebook when I hear one good song. I decide to watch the video and well, the song was awesome, just like what I thought. "Run for Your Life" by Matt Cardle. You can watch the video here: Run for Your Life *

And here's the lyric:
"You need somebody who likes them self

Who lives for life and never calls for help

You need somebody to walk you back

Someone who loves you too before you ask

You're worth more, you're worth more than this

You can take a leap without the risk

There's no time, there's no time for this

Take your love and start again

So run for your life

Run for your life

If you leave me behind

You'll get there in in time

You need someone who can stand alone

Who finds the way, instead of being shown

Somebody with confidence

Who's strong enough to be hit more than once

You'll find more, you'll find more than this

Take the world that's at your fingertips

Don't waste time, don't waste time on this

Take your love and start again

Run, run and don't look back again

Run, run, one day you'll understand

I'm not, no, I'm not who you think I am"

Sometimes, when you love someone, what hurt you the most is realize that they could be happier without you. You want to convince them how mean they were in your life. But you ended up wondering, would it be the best for both of you or just for you? They said love is unselfish. But, it almost impossible for me, love someone with no intention to have them. You might giving up at some point but still wishing for miracle.

Before I knew this song, I also like one song that I knew from my friend. She had one close-friend, boy. She already confess her feeling but that boy said he only can be her friend. They still close till the last time I talk to her. She said she tried to move on but always failed. And later, I figured what's the problem. When we love someone, our "can" always defeated by our "want". We can move on, we know we have to. But we not want to. We prefer to fight until the last drop of our blood. And, just like this song said, even when we give up, we still wait.
"So close but still far away, await the day when you'll say

I will run, run, run for your love

Here I am, just in case you change your mind"

That was song from Golf & Mike, Run for Your Love. You can watch the video here:

One famous quote: "If you love someone, let go. If it back to you, it yours forever. If not,it never was."

Sadly, we have no guts to let go.

Anyway, I still have to say this.



p.s Happiness is a choice :)

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