Sing-a-song: Nothing to Lose

Sometimes you not give up on someone cause you not want to. You tried to believe that there's a hope though you know it was nearly impossible. But again, just like this song well-said, "I've got time and nothing to lose.."

It was hard to give up on what we believe, what we've been waiting for long time. We see them as the answer to our pray, but it seems like they not get the confirmation from God. Or, was it just our wishful thinking, that we are meant to be with that person?

Still, when love is on, it's hard to turn it off. From my experience, the harder you try to kill your feelings, the stronger it gets. So, let go and let it grow. Whatever will be, will always be.

Who knows, if someday, your one-side love was ended up being the greatest love story?

Just, follow your heart. Nothing to lose if it was about to listen to your heart.
"Nothing to lose, your love to win.
Hoping so bad that you let me in..
I'm at your feet, waiting for you
I've got time and nothing to lose"

-Nothing to Lose, Michael Learns to Rock

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