90's Stars - My, oh My Barbie Girl

This band was totally made my childhood awesome. Their songs was fun, playful, cheerful. For me, they are comic singer. Maybe some of you already figured who were they. Yes, they are Aqua *

How I met :Barbie Girl *
"I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

Imagination, life is your creation

Come on Barbie, let's go party!"

When this video became popular, I was in love with Barbie doll. I don't have many Barbie dolls, just one or two, it was also my sister's. And I remember, one of them was get nice hair cut from me. Anyway, I like this video so much. It was close with my imagination about Barbie's life. Though, I was too young to understand that was some 'naughty' side from this song, even the video.

My favourite songs:

1. Cartoon Heroes
"We are the cartoon heroes, oh,

We are the ones who're gonna last forever

We came out of a crazy mind, oh,

And walked out on a piece of paper"

For me, they were success with bubblegum pop sound. When you hear music from this genre, what's pop on your mind might be kids, your childhood memories, etc. And I almost sure that each kids had their own favourite super heroes.

2. My Oh My *

I like this song from the very first. I just know that this song was released before Barbie Girl. I thought Barbie Girl was their first song. I like the video, the horse thing at the beginning. I love to pretend my self as princess because of this video. Ah ya, also use radio antenna as my sword.
"My oh my do you want to say goodbye?

To have the Kingdom, baby, tell me why

My oh my do you want to say goodbye?

To rule the country, baby, you and I?"

3. Lollipop (Candy Man) *
"Oh my love, I know you are my candy man.."

I only knew that phrase. But I love lollipop because of this song. Before I write this, I search the lyrics and feel like "Oh God, why.." They ruined my childhood purity.

My Favourite Video: Doctor Jones *

When I was kid, what attract me was when they were in the giant bowl and trying to call "Doctor Jones". I also like when they do the call. Wondering if someday I will be like that, too. Call someone with silly smiley face. And, I guess I did.
"Baby, I am missing you

I want you by my side

And I hope you'll miss me too

Come back and stay

I think about you every day

I really want you,too

You swept my feet right off the ground, you're the love I found"

I knew that Lene and Rene broke up, but I just figured it was because Lene had affair with Soren. Now, Lene and Soren already had two children and Aqua already made comeback. I was left behind in this.

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