90's Stars - Girl Power!

After 90's boys series, now I want to talk about 90's stars.

90's stars was about boys  and or girls, group or solo, except the boys group cause I already talked about them a week ago. And, let me begin this series with Spice Girls *

How I met: Wannabe *
"If you want my future, forget my past

If you wanna get with me, better make it fast

Now don't go wasting my precious time

Get your act together, we could be just fine"

The reason why they get my attention at the very first time was they strong characters. It attracted me, how they had nickname that describe them well. Geri 'Ginger Spice' Halliwell with her flaming red hair. Mel 'Scary Spice' Brown with her 'scary' look, Melanie 'Sporty Spice' C that ,yeah, sporty. Victoria 'Posh Spice' Adams (now, she known as Victoria Beckham) with her upper-class style and Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton, the youngest and the girly girl.

Most favourite songs:

1. 2 Become 1 *
I need some love like I never needed love before

(Wanna make love to ya baby)

I had a little love, now I'm back for more

(Wanna make love to ya baby)

Yes, I knew this song when I still just a little girl. That's not my favourite part when I was young. I only knew "cause tonight is the night when two become one.." And, yes, I also feel like "Oh God, why.." when remember this song. Think how I like this song and had no idea this song was about "that".

2. Mama *
"She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free

Catching me in places that I knew I shouldn't be

Every other day I crossed the line

I didn't mean to be so bad

I never thought you would

Become the friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why

Why you were misunderstood (Mama)

So now I see through your eyes

All that you did was love"

I couldn't agree more about the words. I also ever thought my mom was like 'joy-killer'. I can't understand why she keep saying "No" for (almost) everything. Then, by times, I realize it was for my good.

3. Viva Forever *
"Do you still remember, how we used to be

Feeling together, believing whatever

My love has said to me

Both of us were dreamers

Young love in the sun

Felt like my saviour, my spirit I gave you

We'd only just begun"

If am not mistaken, this song was their last song with Geri Halliwell. What I remember, when I was kid, I assume this song talked about how great relationship you had with someone, though you have to say goodbye, your heart never truly apart. And now, I feel not sure, but however, I still like this song.

My favourite video: Stop *

I like how they do the movement. I like their costume, all of them especially Emma. They all look cute and gorgeous in this clip. I like how they look playful and fun. This song was also about girl that told some boy to "take it easy".
"Stop right now, thank you very much

I need somebody with a human touch

Hey, you always on the run

Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun"

My favourite one: Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton

Her cute voice, lovely eyes and her 'girly girl' style made me choose her as my role model for years. I really wanna be like her. Wanna have long and blonde hair, wears cute dress, love pink or soft colours. And else..

If you want to follow them on twitter:

@OfficialMelB *| @MelanieCmusic *| @EmmaBunton *| @victoriabeckham *| @gerihalliwell *

If you visit their web, you will find the link to 'Viva Forever! The Musical'. It is some musical based on the songs of Spice Girls. Written by comedienne Jennifer Saunders and produced by MAMMA MIA! creator Judy Craymer. Visit their facebook fan page here: VivaForeverTheMusical *



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