90's boys - Thinking of You, Drive My Self Crazy

This boys was famous at early 2000's. But, I knew them at 90's period. So, I hope you won't mind if now I talk about *N Sync * .I know these boys from MTV, for sure. I like how they dance. And when I do 'little research' before write this post, I just find out that Lance not really good at dance. Funny, I never realize that. They all perfect, for 'about-12-year-ago-me'

How I met, why I love them, and my favourite songI Drive My Self Crazy (Thinking of You)

This song was everything to me. It's like you have love-at-the-first-sight. You saw the video, you love the song - both rhythms and lyric-, you love their look, you just love everything about it. I wish I could use this song as the beginning before I tell a story to my kids, "How I met your father.."

It could take forever, to describe how I love this video. I love almost every part of this video. They act was nearly, well, not just nearly, for me. Let's say, they are perfect in this video, for me. I love the idea, the plot that they were patient at the asylum. Just like the song, they do 'drive they self crazy' thinking of their girl.

They all are being left by their girlfriend. First, it was about Chris that left because too busy and not respect his girl, which made him "..alone in the dark." The second was Justin, which left because his love was pick someone else. not sure if he was the one who want to be free or had 'undying devotion' but at the end, "only found my self to blame.." The third was JC with the hysteric reaction, watch the TV show when he knew that his girl was cheating. "Why didn't I know it?" It was match with the lyric. The fourth, was Lance. Actually, I have no idea why Lance being left. Not just because I thought he was cute, but.. really, I not get the point. Can someone explain to me, why? No words when Lance part, so I can't guessing. The last was Joey, that being left cause his girl caught girl kiss him. He seems like have no intention, but his girl not care at all. At the end, they all out from that place. While they out, they met their ex, on their way to enter the asylum. Karma, huh?

I love when JC start the song, he look cute for me. I love when he was like screaming to the television that airing the show, when he was find out that he was being cheated. I like when he was on the bed, singing 'crazyy..' When he push Joey, nearly the end of video. I thought he was act like the 'strong guy' that hard to handle his emotion.

I love Justin part. When he starts his part, he sit alone. Then, how he said, "I've only got my self to blame." Also, when he pointing his head, "thinkin of you" I have to admit, sometimes I do that and if someone do, it reminds me of Justin. Yeah, still.

I love when Joey pretend himself as Superman, not care even his 'doctor' try 'her best' to calm him. I love how cute his look when his girl slap his face.

I love Chris when he just play with his shoe, like have no idea what to do. And though I love Lance, I like the part when he push Lance.

Okay, I know. I was sounds creepy. Guess I was the one that had mental illness. I just like the idea, their act and how funny it was like. They had great chemistry each others, great act and great storyboard, for me.

And, well, I love every scene with Lance on it. Correction, I love it more when Lance was on it. Cause, apparently, I love almost every scene at this video. I guess he was the best to shoot at the "let you go, baby.." He always look cute at that part. It seems like he was act as the cute one, the innocent and lovely one.

Ah, while I was looking for the video, I found the other version. If I am not mistaken, it was the British version. It has not much differences, I still like it but I prefer the first version. Ah, the first part was sang by Chris, not JC in this version. Just, watch: I Drive My Self Crazy (Other Version) *

Here's the lyrics:
Laying in your arms, so close together

Didn't know just what I had

Now I toss and turn cause I'm without you

How I'm missing you so bad

Where was my head, where was my heart

Now I cry alone in the dark

* I lie awake, I drive my self crazy

Drive my self crazy, thinking of you

Made a mistake when I let you go, baby

I drive my self crazy

Wanting you the way that I do (wanting you the way that I do)

I was such a fool, I couldn't see it

How good you were to me (just how good you were to me)

You confessed your love (you confessed your love)

Undying devotion

I confessed my need to be free

And now I'm left with all this pain

I've only got my self to blame

-- back to *

Why didn't I know it (How much I loved you baby)

Why couldn't I show it (If I had only told you)

When I had the chance, Oh I had the chance

Wanting you the way that I do..

-- back to *

My favourite song: This I Promise You *

I love this song since the very first. And I love it more when I realize that I could use it on the wedding. My friend, Nella, ask my suggestion once, what to sing on her wedding day. I looking for the good song that I knew, and I remember this song. And, wow, I felt it was perfect for your wedding day.
"I've loved you forever in lifetimes before

and I promise you never will you hurt anymore

I give you my word, I give you my heart

this is the battle we've won

and with this vow, forever has now began

just close your eyes, each loving day

and now this feeling won't go away

till the day my life is through, this I promise you.."

Wouldn't it be lovely, you gaze your (lifetime) partner, whispering "..every word I say it's true, this I promise you.."

My favourite video:  It's Gonna Be Me *

It was the second video I like, of course. I still Thinking of You was the best. But, I like how they dance. I wish I could had the figure, which could be real after you pass the barcode check thing. I wish I was as lucky as that girl. I can play with that toys forever and not care if no one else want to play with me. I have *N Sync! Okay, just my wish.

My favourite one:   Lance Bass

Maybe you already figured since I keep talking how lovely Lance is. Yes, I love him. I guess as kids, not-even-teenager that time, I love the cute boys.

And, here is the now Lance:

uhm, sorry, that's just my favourite pic of Lance. He took the training, already about to go to the moon but then he was lost the sponsors. They just not sure, they could take the risk, sending Lance off to the moon.

Okay, here is the now Lance.

If you also Lance's fans, you can follow him on twitter: @LanceBass *

or like his facebook fan page: LanceBassFanPage *

One of my favourite Indonesian artist, Agnes Monica, was close to him. I wish she could made Lance come to Indonesia. Maybe, start become actor? He can be well-known. Indonesian already had plenty of 'bule' or foreigner here.



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