90's Boys - They Rock!

Today I will talk about boys that I also like but I only knew few songs about them. They are well-known at time in my country. I like their song and they are worth to listen. Here they are.

Code Red

How I met:  This is Our Song *
"This is our song

This is the song we'll remember forever and ever

It means to you what it means to me

So from this moment on

We know this is our song"

I like this song, couldn't find the official video. Not remember how was the video, too. I just remember it was romantic song that I often heard on MTV Getar Cinta, one of popular TV program at that time.

My favourite song: The other song that I like was the song that they sing with one of Indonesian artist, Alda. She already die years ago, but I love her song. I can't find the original clip on YouTube. Can you help me? They also collaborate with other singer, but it wasn't Alda. And, I prefer the Alda version. Here is the Alda version but the clip was the Robbie William's clip We Can Make It *

And here is the full lyric:
"I've been waiting for a girl like you to come my way

And I've been waiting for a girl to shine some light on my day

And I've been searching for that someone who can understand me

Someone who is not afraid to laugh or cry and share that with me


And I've been waiting for a boy like you to hold my hand

And I've been waiting for a boy like you to give me a kiss

And I've been longing for the feeling of being complete

And you have shown me just how good love is when two minds meet

I know I know I know

We can make it if we try

We can make it you and I

We can

We can make it if we try

We can

A love like our's can't be denied

We can make it if we try

If we believe in you and I

We can

We can make it if we try

We can

A love like our's can't be denied
Could you be the kind to love unconditionally

And could you be the kind to overlook the faults in me

We don't have to last forever,just for the rest of our lifetime

If you're feeling what I'm feeling,then this is the right time

Well I guess that it was worth the waiting

Cause now you see what you mean to me

Well it's hard, there'll be no hesitating

If I was blind,I'll  still see you as mine


Sadly, I can't find their new looks :( I don't get much info about them from google, too. So, maybe anyone could help?


"You have so many relationships in this life

Only one or two will last

You go through all this pain and strife

Then you turn your back and they're gone so fast

And they're gone so fast

So hold on to the ones who really care

In the end they'll be the only ones there

When you get old and start losing your hair

Can you tell me who will still care?"

You can say by watching their video, how fun they are. Made me wish to had brothers. It must be fun, play and do stuff with your brothers.

They are similar with The Moffatts. Yeah, they are brother. Zac, the youngest one as the guitarist. Issac as bassist. Taylor as keyboardist and vocalist. I only know this song and then I know The Moffatts, I prefer The Moffats that time :p

And here's their new looks:

From what I search, they still exist till now. They get along together, already married and had kids. Here's their website: Hanson *

Like their facebook fan page: hansonmusic *

Follow their twitter: @hansonmusic *


All I Want is You *

"All you gotta do is believe in me you'll find sanctuary

Just one chance is all I need to prove that you and I

Are forever meant to be"

Though 911 was quite popular in my country, I only remember this song from them. Maybe I know the other song, but not sure or forget. Here's their facebook fan page: 911 *



I met and like them when they released Until The Time is Through * . I just noticed that the music was bored, somehow. Maybe just, too easy? But I like the lyric.

"Now and forever

Until the time is through

I can't believe it

I don't know where to start (No, baby)

So many questions

Deep inside my heart

Give me a moment before you go

There's something you ought to know

Baby now and forever

Until the time is through, I'll be standing here

Waiting and never give up my faith in you

Trying to make it clear

Without your love I'd be half a man

Maybe one day you'll understand

Now and forever ,until the time is through

I'll be waiting

How can I tell you, so that you can see

(You know that)

Love has a meaning when you are here with me

There is no one to comfort me

Here in my cold reality

I'm searching for words

What can I say

To make you see"

I also like when they do cover to Queen's song, We Will Rock You *.Honestly, I knew this song from Five. When I knew it was Queen's, I just can think that Five was great. They could made nice cover. I like the original version, I like Five version.


Here's my favourite song from A1 : Everytime *

"Everytime I kiss I see you need

And everytime I cry I see your smile and

Everytime I close my eyes I realize

Everytime I hold your hands in mine

The sweetest thing my heart could ever find

And I have never felt this way

Since the day I gave your love away"

From what I knew, they were popular with "Like a Rose" but I prefer this song and this is my favourite song. Though sometimes when I said how I like this song, people often mistaken with Everytime by Britney Spears.

I heard that they made comeback and already did world tour.

You can visit their website: A1 official *

Like their facebook fan page: a1official *

Follow on twitter : @a1official

Okay, that's all I think for the 90's boys series.

I might add some new information or else, but that's all I got for now. If you have any suggestion, feel free to let me know. Hope you enjoy!



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