90's Boys - My Very First Crush

Though I wasn't even become teenager when they become popular, I love 90's boybands so much. I think it must be affected by the fact that my sister was 7 years older than me. However, I not only love 90's songs, I also love songs that popular at 80's, 70's.. I prefer the oldies, clearly.

Some of you might wonder why I pick "My Very First Crush" as the title today. It because today I will share about  Backstreet Boys * .I'm sure many of girls like them, too. And agree that they are worth to be the very first crush.

How I metAs Long As You Love Me *

I watched this video on MTV. I like to pretend my self as the girls, watching them do the act. I love to sing this song though I was about 8 or 9 years old. I have no idea what this song about, but I memorize the lyrics well. And now, I think I can't complain if my nephew and niece sings "What Makes You Beautiful" so well.

My favourite VideoQuit Playing Games with My Heart *

I love play water (more) after watch this video. And know, I feel like "Oh God, why.." My childhood.. But, I love this video more when I watch it now. They are, wow.. The other reason why I love this video, I love the song, too. It was easy-listening. Though before I not understand enough the meaning, I love to sing, "Quit playing games with my heart.. with my heart.. with my heart.." Now, I think I can't sing not "too attached".

My favourite songs:

1. All I Have to Give *

Should I explain why I love this song? Okay, here's the clue:
"But my love is all I have to give, without you I don't think I can live

I wish I could give the world to you

But love is all I have to give.."

2. I'll Never Break Your Heart *

Really? You need explanation, again?
"I'll never break your heart..

I'll never make you cry,

I'd rather die than live without you

I'll give you all of me

Honey, there's no lie.."

3. Incomplete *

This song was release 2000's, around 2005. But I like it, anyway. Not recommended to listen if you are on broken-heart mode. Could made you feel worse, but.. Sometimes, you prefer to sing a song that could express what you feel, right?
"I'd try to go on like I never knew you

I'm awake but my world is half asleep

I pray for this heart to be unbroken

But without you all I'm going to be is incomplete"

My favourite one: Nick Carter, for sure!

This is Nick before:

And this is Nick, now:

I wish it not 'photoshop' speaking..

If you love him too, you can visit his website: nickcarter * or follow him on twitter: @nickcarter *

Now, I hope you not wonder anymore why I have crush on him before.



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