90's Boys - More Than Words

Yes, I know that Extreme was the one that made the song, but I knew this song from Westlife * .And I pick that as title cause I think my love to them was "More Than Words" at that time. I bought any magazine, tabloid, anything that related to them (with my dad permit, sure, I was only 10 when I like them)

How I metIf I Let You Go

I've heard their name so many times before. They was popular because of their song, "Swear It Again" But me as kids, dislike their video clip which looks boring for me. I remember, each time I see the video begin on MTV, I switched the channel. I don't like, cause the starting sounds boring for me. The settings also not interesting. And when I see this clip (If I Let You Go) I fall in love with this boys. I love the idea that they play at the beach. I love the video, love the music and I start to fall in love with them.

My favourite song

I already said that I was their "little" fans, so it was hard to pick only one. But I already choose what I mostly like. Here's the list:

1. What Makes A Man *

First, I love the video. I like the view, I like their classy style. Somehow, I became obsessed with the house. The furniture was awesome. Then, I understand the lyrics. I feel it was touchy. I have no idea why this song was not as success as their other songs.

Let me quote my favourite part,
"Other girls will come along, they always do.

But what's the point when all I ever want is you, tell me..

Tell me what makes a man wanna give you all his heart

Smile when you're around and cry when you're apart

If you know what makes a man, wanna love you the way I do

Girl,you gotta let me know

So I can get over you.."

2. Fool Again *

Again, I like the video. I like their conversation at the first. And, I like they at the top of the building. I think it was such their trademark. They love height, I guess. And, I love the lyrics, now.
"Baby, you should've called me when you were lonely

When you needed me to be there

Sadly, you never gave me to many chances

To show you how much I care

I should've seen it coming, I've should read the sign

Anyway, I guess it's over

Can't believe that I am fool again, I thought this love would never end

How was I to know, you never told me.."

Ah, my favourite part also when Mark do the solo, "about the pain and the tears, ohh.. ohh..."

And then, "if I could I would turn back at time.."

3. More Than Words *

I think it was the better that I could find. They not have the official video, I guess. I like this song so much. I firstly saw they sing this song was at some video, they do just like home concert. They sit together, Kian play the guitar. I can't help but love them more. Am not saying that their version was better than Extreme cause I like both. It just me that love Westlife too much, I think.

My favourite video: Queen of My Heart * and  My Love *

I hardly decide, but I have to decide and pick these two. Why these become my favourite video? Cause they look princely at the Queen of My Heart and I really into them, start collecting their poster, pin-up, since they release My Love.

My favourite one Nicky Byrne

Well, maybe I have "Nick"-syndrome. But, I love his cute eyes.

This is the picture to let you know why I love him:

Well, I just realize that his last name was a bit hard to spell, for me. I have to make sure that I not misspell. When I was kid, I can remember his full name correctly. Guess it was age talking.

And, here is Nicky now:

Isn't he still look lovely? ♥

You can follow him on twitter: @nickybyrneoffic *

And for the bonus, if you too lazy to open their web, here I give you their pic:
I know, this pic remind you with One Direction pic, right? If am not mistaken, it was just British style, take pic at the phone box. One Direction or Westlife? No comment.

Hope you enjoy this post!



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