the truth is..

When I say that I love you so much, it doesn’t mean that everyday is that much.

Sometimes less, sometimes more.

But still much to make me stay.

When I say that I can understand when you get busy, it doesn’t mean that I always feel good or okay with that.

I still love to have your attention even just a bit.

But I try my best to give you time to do your things cause I know you’re not only need to care of me.

When I say that I need you, it doesn’t mean that I want to have you 24 hours/7 days.

You give me more strength and you are my mood-booster.

But I’m okay if you’re not here.

I might became weak, but okay.

When I say that I will wait for you, it doesn’t mean that I’m patient enough.

Sometimes I also feel insecure, are you truly belong to me ?

Would you be the one for me ?

And it makes me often have bad thoughts and cranky.

But it’s hard for me to share my thoughts, cause I fear that you might walk away.

I not want my selfish and childish thoughts make you far from me though ya, it hurt me.

When I say I not want to let you go, it doesn’t mean that I can’t let you go.

Anytime you want to go,

I can let you go though I not want too

No worries

I love you, I will always do that and I wish you know that

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